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People that show us why being rare is cool.

Erin and Franklin find a lot to admire about each other and their singular eyewear.

Dave and Lisa love sharing a passion for cooking tasty food and wearing stylish eyewear.

Gail makes visual style choices all day long, so it helps to have eyewear that embodies her confidence as an artist.

Jon, Joe, Patti, and Erin find a…unique way to say how they feel about their glasses from Visualeyes.

Local customer Patti Tubridy talks about her Visualeyes experience

Dan, Betsy, and their friends come together for a dinner that celebrates each and every one of them.

For Erik, inspired wordsmithing and creativity require equally inspired eyewear.

For Kathleen, expressing creativity through mind, body, and movement requires unique eyewear to harmonize it all.

Local manager of Bureau, a men’s custom clothing boutique, Jon talks about his Visualeyes experience.

Local financial advisor Joe Curatolo talks about his Visualeyes experience.

Local Buffalo fashion stylist and professor Erin Habes talks about her Visualeyes experience.