We think being rare is cool.

The most important thing…

We believe who you surround yourself with is the most important expression of who you are. For us, it’s a choice to do what we love alongside people that we love. Some of these people are our family. Like Visualeyes founder and frame fanatic, Dan Leberer, and Betsy, his wife and business ops manager. And Dave Leberer, Dan’s cousin, partner, and contact lens phenom. There’s also Ian Leberer, Dave’s son and one heck of an eye doctor.

We also have co-workers who have made Visualeyes their home, serving customers for decades, with some working on their first decade. Whomever you happen to encounter, they’re part of the family. We celebrate their individuality just like they celebrate yours.

Meet the Team

Dan Leberer is a frame fanatic. He founded Visualeyes in 1988 to bring bold and brilliant eyewear to Buffalo. He’s also a bit of a lens lunatic. Dan believes you should look and see your best. He likes sporting his own sweet frames and helping others find theirs.

Dan Leberer

Owner, Optician & Buyer

Dave Leberer loves contact lenses more than is probably natural. Which explains why professional athletes come see him. We think that’s cool. Dave has been fitting contact lenses so long, he could write a book on them. But he won’t. He’d rather help you see clearly and comfortably.

Dave Leberer

Owner, Optician & Contact Lens Specialist

Dr. Leberer loves eyes. Really, he loves taking vision that’s good and making it much, much better. Which happens more than you’d think. He also loves his wife and their daughter. He’s into playing hockey, snowboarding, boating, and golfing.

Ian Leberer OD


Betsy Leberer loves to hunt. For the most fashionable prey. She only needs her sharp eyes (thank you, lenses) and her love of fine frames. She said goodbye National Grid to “help out” at Visualeyes and bring her husband Dan’s vision to life. Ten years in, she juggles the roles of Manager, CFO and Int’l Trade Show frame huntress.

Betsy Leberer

Business Manager

Dawn Littlefield

Managing Optician (Main Street)

Linda Brady


Nancy Cwynar


Allison Krebs

Managing Optician (Elmwood Ave)

Diana Pieroni 


Amy Breese

Contact lens assistant, Receptionist

Sarah Sheff


Our Locations

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These things are pretty important, too…


The right eyewear will fulfill your precise vision needs and express your personality.


The objects and people we invite into our lives should connect us more deeply to what’s true.


Everyone should be celebrated as a unique and inspired individual.