Who cares if you look great if you can’t see great?

A great eye exam begins with you.

Are you staring at a screen? Are you chasing kids? Are you putting pucks in the back of the net? Doing all three?

To see at your best, Dr. Leberer needs to know what you’re looking at all day. This is how he tailors his exam and recommendations to match your vision requirements. It seems obvious. And it is. But not every eye doctor asks about these things.

There are a lot of lens options. Most aren’t for you.

If Dr. Leberer weren’t so curious and thorough in his exam your lenses wouldn’t be so customized to your eyes and vision needs. So be thankful that he wants to get up close and personal with your eyeballs. Having great vision requires enthusiasm for getting it right.

You only have one set of eyes. Find out early if there’s a problem.

Nobody gets excited about checking the health of their eyes. But everybody who discovers they have an eye disease is surprised to find out. The sooner you know, the better your chances of correcting irreversible damage.

Dr. Leberer’s exams not only tailor your lenses to your vision needs, but also ensure your eyes are healthy. Our state of the art OPTOS Ultra Wide Field retina imaging allows Dr. Leberer to take an in-depth, rapid speed picture of your eyes to ensure that everything looks healthy. The best part is, this doesn’t require dilation. Dr. Leberer reviews each image, ensuring that your eyes are as healthy as can be, with solutions in case they aren’t. Book an appointment with Dr. Leberer today.

About Dr. Ian Leberer

Dr. Leberer loves eyes. Really, he loves taking vision that’s good and making it much, much better. Which happens more than you think. He also loves his wife, their daughter, and their identical twin boys. He’s into playing hockey, skiing, boating, and golfing.

He wears eyeglasses, contacts, and sunglasses that are customized to help him do his favorite things comfortably, clearly, and feel like himself while he’s at it.