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Everything you ever wanted to know about eyeglasses…but were afraid to ask.

Dan and Betsy make a trek to the Big Apple to scour the floor for fabulous new frames.

How can you make sure all your fans see your beautiful eyes behind your glasses and not some light reflection? As always, Dan has the answer.

Despite nearly limitless frame expertise, Dan thinks there’s only one person qualified to help you find that perfect pair of glasses…

Dan uncovers the hocus-pocus about how progressive lenses let you see clearly at multiple distances with one pair of glasses.

Dan opens his bottomless well of vision knowledge to explain how a special pair of lenses help you see clearly at the office.

Dan unpacks what it takes to bring the exclusive frame fashions of New York City or Paris to our little corner of western New York.

What’s better than 1 pair of sweet, stylish frames? Dan has some thoughts…